Grains & Manes offers a variety of Equine Services to optimize health and performance in your horse. The list below is not exhaustive, so be sure to ask Valerie about Essential Oils, Stretching, Icing, Tendon/Ligament Massage, Poll/TMJ Release and even how PEMF can be used to benefit your canine companion or yourself!


Therapeutic Equine Massage

Full-body therapeutic massage for preventative maintenance. Utilize trigger point therapy for ultimate healing and release. Pre-Event, Post-Event, discipline/issue specific massage also available. Essential Oils incorporated by request.



38239130 10155558660177805 1818177003493261312 nLife Pulse PEMF

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy. Cellular exercise that speeds healing and relieves soreness. Targets and recharges those cells that are depleted, stressed, or injured. Ask us about how PEMF can benefit our human and canine friends too!



Massage + LifePulse PEMF Equine

Therapeutic Massage plus PEMF of main muscle groups. Essential Oils incorporated upon request.




TheraPlate Session

20 minute session of vibration therapy. Increases circulation, prevents injury conditions muscles, eases soreness, encourages a quality hoof/growth. Excellent as a warm-up and cool-down.



Solarium Infrared Therapy

20 minute session of infrared light and heat energy. Increases circulation, pain relief, shines coat. Popular before or after work-out. Excellent for arthritis, back/hip/neck pain and skin conditions



Cold Laser Therapy

Targeted treatment for a specific area of issue or ailment. Penetrates two inches into muscle tissue to stimulate cells and speed healing. Encourages recovery and reduces scar tissue and inflammation.




Support, Pain Relief, and Meridian tapings. Offers support while allowing freedom of movement. Tape lifts hair and first layer of fascia to increase circulation and blood flow to speed healing.



Flexineb Nebulizer

Nebulizer treatment targeteting respiratory ailments, stable cough, bleeders, or allergies. Also choice of speed event exhibitors to improve performane through faster oxygen intake.



TENS Treatment

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for short term pain relief on a specific area. Relieves pain for a few hours, so you can finish your ride, complete your ride, or offer respite.




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