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Grains & Manes Farm is dedicated to using high-tech farm equipment and crop management tools in order to maximize farming success.


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 Custom Planting:

Employing cutting-edge Precision Planting technology, including; GPS mapping, variable rate seeding, automatic row shut-off, and automatic hydraulic down pressure. Maintain flexibility to band one or two liquid fertilizers as required. Reported actual planted population and seed singulation. Seed selection and agronomy assistance available by request.



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Custom Combining:

 State of the art Sidehill Combine complete with the latest GPS mapping advancements, including full yield and moisture data. In-depth crop performance and harvest reports provided. Grain cart available and ability to assist with coordination of trucking as needed.





Custom Tilling Services:

Utilizing innovative Vertical Tilling equipment for residue management, organic matter utilization, soil consistency and creating the optimum seed bed. Able to assist with soil testing and analysis by request.
(Services priced on a per acre basis).


 IMG 2400Hay Sales:

Inquire about select availability of Small Square, Large Square, and Large Round bales of hay for sale. We produce premium quality Grass, Alfalfa, and Mixes with excellent options for all types of livestock.


Delivery and loading assistance available for additional fee.
(Priced per bale, according to current hay market conditions).


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 Contact Brian regarding all farming services, including renting or leasing farm land: 608-518-1123.




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