“Valerie is diligent when it comes to massage therapy and her attention to detail is unparalleled.  She can orchestrate a therapy program for any discipline at any level, from trail horses to top competition horses.”

~ G. Gage- Therasage, CMT, ESMT


 "My horse loved his treatment from Valerie!! She made it possible to finish a show in March when his back got incredibly sore in the middle of the show. He was like a new horse the next day and happy to do his job! We just did a pre-show treatment before a long and stressful regional show and he held up great and we had a very successful show with a happy horse!"

~ D. Poeschel


“We've had nothing but happy horses when Valerie works on them. She does an excellent job and offers a variety of great therapeutic services.” 

~ K. Nelson, Professional Trainer


"Valerie is awesome! I've never seen my horse react so expressively/happily to massage before. He was so relaxed and happy he could barely keep his eyes open! He would even show Valerie where he wanted her to work more. I definitely will be incorporating massage and the many therapies offered by Valerie into the routine for show season too for Socs!"

~ J. Jessee


“I really appreciated the time and care that Valerie put into my horse. It was very relaxing, and I highly recommend Valerie for anyone dealing with muscle and tendon problems with their horses. 

~ M. Bronson, Farrier 

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